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Dr.Strange custom cover commission

I have recently completed a commissioned project that involved creating a mock comic book cover of the Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. I was asked to use some specific characters and likenesses while paying homage to the Marvel Comics hero. It was a fun challenge especially because it involved some funky hand-lettering and ornate patterns. The whole piece was sketched in pencil, inked and hand-colored. Here are some prelim sketches as well as the final piece. Enjoy!
(Please note I claim no ownership to the characters, logos, or likenesses that appear in Marvel Comics.)

Kevin Nagel or Patrick Smith?

It’s fashion week in NYC and I’ve recently completed a portrait of Kevin Smith for an upcoming interview in NEXT magazine. So I turned to one of my inspirations. You may recognize the style as something you’ve seen in a hair salon or perhaps the 80′s Duran Duran record, Rio. It’s all the genius of one man, Patrick Nagel. By the way, if you’re trying to get rid of one of those posters… drop me an email pronto! I missed the boat the first time around.

Easter Bunny

Have a Fierce and Festive Easter! (illustration for NEXT magazine)

Tribecca Film Fest

Now playing at the Tribecca Film Fest: “Muppets Take Manhattan” (illustration for NEXT magazine)