Print and color yourself, or send to someone you love to terrorize.

Here are some other e-cards for you to share this Valentines Day. Save and print, e-mail, or share on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social network. Click on an image to download and save a copy. show some love with a small donation using the button at the right. Thanks so much, and enjoy!

9 Responses to E-Cards

  1. Lisa says:

    Love these Andy, but no Alcide this year? :(

  2. LauraK says:

    I don’t know which one I love more….Lafayette, Sam’nBill, or Eric the Sheriff-rowrr! Fabulous work! :)
    (The last [ass] one is Alcide, right)?

  3. Romagirl - Lisa says:

    They are all awesome! My fave is Bill-n-Sook. Love that the background is purple, SM’s fave color.

  4. Revamped says:

    Love these. lol

  5. Tigereyes says:

    I can see where’s it Alcide, but maybe if the hair was dark, it might be more obvious :) , but these are very good, thanks.

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