Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Andy Swist, decided to express his love of the Sookie Stackhouse universe the only way he knew how: by drawing pictures! In order to share his work with fans more easily, he initiated a paper doll series that has since gained recognition across the globe. Contact Andy via email: askandy @ andyswist dot com and visit andyswist.com to see more of his work.
In addition to his artistic works, Andy is also co-host of a True Blood video blog, BloodWork!, that was created by media journalist and horror fan extrodinare, Brian Juergens.

Long before becoming Andy’s loving husband, Brian was the genius and creator of CampBlood.org, the first and foremost horror website dedicated to viewing the genre from a queer perspective. Be sure to catch old and new episodes of BloodWork! and support the Camp’s efforts by purchasing official merchandise here.

Everything on this site is given in love of the novels and HBO series. Please do not use any of my work for profit as they are meant to be shared free of charge. However, if you enjoy what you find here… please make a donation by clicking the button titled “Donate” at the top right, and of course support the show by purchasing official True Blood merchandise and novels by author Charlene Harris.